Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Business is Picking Up

In a short amount of time, everything in DC sports has changed. The biggest news being that the NBA and the players have come to an agreement and will have a basketball season.

In my heart, I didn't think there would be an NBA season this year. When news came out over the weekend, I was stunned. I have missed watching Wizards games already and after Christmas I will get my wish. While I don't expect these guys to be world beaters, I do think the young guys might be better than many believe.

The Capitals made a bold move, with the firing of Bruce Boudreau. Now I am not a hockey guy but I do want the home teams to win. From the looks of things, it was time for a change. hopefully Dale Hunter can get his best players to buy into his system and be team leaders. A team as talented as they are can turn things around. Just making the playoff isn't the goal. The goal it to play your best, or hit your peak,when you get to the playoffs.

If the rumors are true, and the Nationals are interested in Prince Fielder, then I will be a happy man. That is if this part of the whole plan. The plan that involves resigning Zimmerman, another starting pitcher, and a center fielder. Hopefully the pitcher will be a top of the rotation guy and the center fielder a top of the order guy. Add a few guys to the bench and bullpen and mix. Congratulations,  you have a good team. Just how good will have to been seen.

Seeing the Redskins win on Sunday was good. That long losing streak will be a blessing in disguise. The Redskins are not the team they had been the last few weeks. I am not saying they are good yet but the team is being rebuilt. Roy Helu showed that he should be the feature back. The more their young guys play well, the closer they are to being a good team. While my eyes are on potential future QB's, I can't hope for my team to lose. The benefit of having extra picks means you should be able to get almost whoever you want in the draft.

I believe the DC sports Landscape is being rebuilt. Hopefully these teams can get it together and DC fans can show their pride.

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