Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There's still a shot.

Half-Way through the season, Skins appear lost.

Facing the midpoint of this season, the Washington Redskins find themselves in familiar waters again - the brink of losing the entire season or delaying the inevitable....This is a common sentiment of many Redskins fans.

Who can blame us? Every year this team inspires many would be comedians. They've giggled through Snyder's impatience, Spurrier, Zorn, Gibbs II, coaching "searches", overpriced free agents, lack of respect for the draft...Vinny Cerrato! It's been brutal. 

With Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan aboard, it's been advertised as a new era for the Redskins. The team would be run as a first class organization versus the dysfunctional operation it had become. Old habits being hard to break, the McNabb fiasco had new comics appearing nationwide.

After a hot 3-1 start, the Redskins have dropped three straight and look to be in free-fall mode. 
Recent decisions appear to have taken positive momentum from this team and only new decisions can help
them. One recent decision is the signing of Tashard Choice, ex Cowboy. Maurice Hurt being promoted 
from practice squad to start at left Guard is another one.

Out of 12 drafted rookies this year, 9 are on the active roster with many of them expected to make huge 
contributions. Shanahan's talent evaluation will now be under spotlight. If these young guys look bad, 
Shanahan's regime becomes very shaky.Look for solid things from Sunday's game.

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  1. Too bad things didn't go so well in the game today. Something needs to change.