Friday, October 28, 2011

Ten Nationals Prospects You Should Know

Mike Rizzo, Nationals General Manager and leader of farm system.
As a big Nationals fan, I realize the importance of a good farm system. If you don't understand that importance, look no further than this team's history. When The Nationals were the Montreal Expos, their farm system was second to none. The farm system was largely fueled by Latin American players such as Vladimir Guerrero, Orlando Cabrera and Jose Vidro.

Then, when the team was owned by MLB, the international and amateur scouting budgets were slashed. The effects were evident in the Nats when they arrived in DC and are still felt today. If not for the depletion of the farm system, the Nats wouldn't have Strasburg and Harper. Meaning if they weren't so bad they wouldn't have gotten those high draft picks.

With the understanding that the farm system feeds the major league team, I will introduce "Ten Nationals Prospects You Should Know".

First on the list is Bryce Harper. Harper is a prospect that every team in baseball wishes they had. He decided to leave high school two years early because he was so much better than the other players his age. He got his GED and enrolled in a community college. After being there for a year and breaking records (hitting 31 homers), he was drafted number one overall by The Nationals.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time for a Reset

If you asked me before the season if I would be happy with a .500 Redskins team, I would have said yes. So as Skins are 3 - 3, I have to be ok with it. The thing is, injuries have crept up and this ship could sink real soon. In order to stop this, the team has to hit the reset button.

I know this isn't XBOX or whatever, but with so many new people on offense, it is a reset. Last week the offensive line, tight end, and quarterback reset. This week,the wide receivers and running back do the same thing. Santana Moss, the skins only reliable wide receiver for years is out for a month or more. Tim Hightower, who has been the teams workhorse, is out for the season.

As for the wide receiver position, expect Niles Paul and Leonard Hankerson to get plenty of opportunities. I know, I blamed that interception on Hankerson; but Beck takes the blame for that interception. Shanahan also made it a point to say  "Hankerson has been making some tremendous plays in practice". Hopefully, the messed up communication is behind them, so Beck and Hankerson can hook up for some big plays.

I am not as worried about the running back position. There will be a drop off in blitz protection, but Ryan has gotten better at that. We all know what Ryan "All" Torain can do, he showed us last year. With just him and Helu we are starting to get thin. Ryan has not been able to stay healthy, I am sure you remember last year.

So. it looks like it is time for the backup's and young guys to get their playing time. Only now, I am starting to think reaching .500 may be a pipe dream.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Like Cherry Blossoms, Skins Only Good for a Few Weeks

The story today is Cam Newton. Landry said that he was phenomenal and that he found all the holes in the Skins defense. Cam Newton was very good. He is mobile, runs with out fear. Even Mike Shanahan was impressed. "Most pros don't make the plays that this rookie did." 

The other big story is how beat up the Redskins have become. Tim Hightower looked great early in the game, but injured his knee and will be out for weeks if not the season. Santana Moss broke his hand will also be out for while himself. These Skins are beat up now with Moss, Cooley, Hightower, Fletcher, and guys on the O-line injured.

The question coming into today's game was about Beck. How would he do in his first start in years? Well, to me and to Shanahan, he looked good. He showed his athleticism, quick release, and poise in the pocket. Overall, he played well and they moved the ball better in the second half. But "losing Moss changed the game (for the skins)" said Shanahan.
The offensive line played well and Beck looked good. He threw for 279 yards, 1 touchdown and had 1 int. That interception was caused by Leonard Hankerson though, as he ran the wrong route. The offense looked better to me with Beck. Shanahan was asked who would be the starter next week. He only replied "Are you serious? Next Question." To me Beck is the starter and will have more chances to prove himself.

The receivers didn't help Beck today. Gaffney followed a dropped pass and then fumbled on the next play. Fred had a drop or two also. I have to look at the film later and see what else happened. But, with Moss going down someone will have to step up.

The defense wasn't all bad  today. Quite a few guys had a good number of tackles and we sacked Cam four times. At the end of the day though, the skins couldn't stop Cam Newton.  The defense gave up a lot of points today. "(We) need to regroup" Landry said, "Losing is the hardest part".

Friday, October 21, 2011

Preview of this week ROH SBG Show

This week, on ROH, Jay Lethal will put his World Television Championship on the line. Jay Lethal won that title in ROH's second week on Sinclair. If you missed the match you can watch it here.[Part 1 and Part 2.] The overtime period of this mach is great I love the pacing in this match.While you are at it, you can check out his opponent The Progidy, Mike Bennet.  He has a big opportunity. Can he win his first ROH title?

The Briscoe Brothers; AKA Dem Boys; AKA The Pioneers; AKA My Favorite Tag Tag  will be on this weeks show. You never what to miss that.  Also this week, 2 new wrestlers make their debut as TJ Perkins takes on Mike Mondo.

Check the ROH TV Listings for your area or you can watch online Here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Review of John Beck's Performance

To me the issue is simple. Who gives the Redskins the best chance to win games. In this short post I intend to lay out my thinking. Hopefully, by the end, you will agree with me. What we need to do first if look as some film.

This is Beck's first drive as the Redskins quarterback.

  • On the first play, Beck avoids pressure and even though Fred Davis falls down he gets back up and takes his catch for a first down. A QB's best friend is his tight ends. Davis was that here.
  • Play action to Ryan Torain. Would have been a good gain but pass was off.
  • On this play Beck doesn't like what he sees and scrambles for a first down. I like that over aggressive defenses will have to worry about that.
  • Play action pass to Jabar Gaffney. the pass is low and incomplete. would have been a good gain if it was on target.
  • Next pass is too low for Fred Davis. I have to think that some of these off target throws are due to never playing much. I hope this gets better with practice time with starters.
  • On 3rd and 15 Beck complete a pass to Moss for a first down. That is a big play there. Good to see, that was a 23 yard gain.
  • Then we get a 10 yard penalty, a dropped pass, and a 3 yard pass. 
  • It's 3rd and 17, he goes deep to Gaffney who gets a hand on it in the endzone but no catch. Another penalty gets them out of field goal range. 
I like what I saw in this drive. Looks like he was getting loose in this drive and too bad the switch didn't come sooner.

Next, lets look at Beck's other drive.

  • First play of the drive isn't cover well in the video. Incomplete to Davis
  • Pass to Gaffney for a first down. Skins are moving fast as they are down by 2 touchdowns and only 6 minutes to go.
  • Shotgun pass to Moss dropped. He was hit as soon as ball got there.
  • The skins are on there 30 and Beck goes deep to Stallworth but he can't make the catch. Would have been huge and could have made this game much closer. They would be at Philly's 20 if it connected. They do get a first down though on a penalty.
  • Screen pass to Moss for a first down. Moss is so shifty he can do things like that.
  • Pass to Helu for 8 yard gain. Then beck is sacked for an 8 yard loss. Now it is 3rd and 10.
  • Shotgun pass to Gaffney, the announcers say it was a wobbler, whatever.  But Becks arm does hit Chester's helmet BEFORE the ball is released.
  • Now Billick is claiming that beck is getting hit every play. Wild exaggeration there.
  • 4th and 9 first down pass to Stallworth.
  • Big pass to Terrance Austin to the 3 yard line. Beck can make big throws in big situations.
  • Beck then takes it in for a TD.

This  would have been a different game with Beck in at the half in my opinion. I think he is our best chance to win. He can scramble, make the big pass, and buy time in pocket. It is pretty clear to me. John Beck for DC Quarterback.