Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Next Quarterback

By Caesarscott

The big debate that is going in DC is, "Did the Redskins pay too much to get the number two pick in the draft?" If you are asking me, I am going to answer "No".

The way I see it, the Redskins front office has found their guy. If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you know that Ted would do anything to find "The One". And say what you will about Daniel Snyder, he wants to win.

The Redskins quarterback history has not been so good in recent history. Even in Joe Gibbs years they used three different quarterbacks to win three different Super Bowls. Now Doug Williams is my favorite Redskin quarterback, and Mark Rypien led the best football season I ever watched; But imagine what Gibbs could have done with a franchise quarterback.

When I heard the price the Skins had to pay to get the number two pick in the draft, I almost fell on the floor. Good thing was I was in bed. The thing that I thought about, that made me reconsider is that everyone is blown away when the meet Robert Griffin III, when they watch him play, and when they look at his raw tools.

The Redskins have leadership in Shanahan, a savvy GM in Allen, and a rich owner will that is willing to spend in Snyder. (Not to mention lots of money under the salary cap.) There is NO reason the Skins can't dramatically change their offense.

1. Improve offensive line. Sign a right tackle and a guard or too. 2. Give quarterback weapons. Sign 1 or 2 wide receivers. 3. Sign an experienced quarterback to go with Griffin. Step 4 is have a good draft. Best player available and don't be afraid to make deals.

I am not naive, the defense need help as well especially in the secondary. The Skins still have 6 picks and they can turn them into more. They must resign London Fletcher. All of that is for another time. I am only thinking of offense today.