Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Start to a Big Off Season

With one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, the Wizards are looking to have a big off season. They got that off to a good start today as they traded Rashard Lewis and their lowest draft pick to acquire Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor. 

When I heard about this trade the first person I thought about was Coach John Thompson. Before he left radio, I remember him talking about the Wizards. He didn't agree with how they never wanted to get veterans to lead their young players. Doc Rivers made a similar point about young players needing to earn their spot.

This is a great step at fixing these problems, it also adds two pieces that help this team where it needs it. Okafor gives this team a rebounder (they needed a rebounder bad) and a defensive presence. This defensive presence is  needed if a team wants to be good defensively.He also compliments Nene and Seraphin well.

Trevor continues the defensive theme. Don't be surprised if Singleton or Booker are available come draft night. After picking #3,(MKG or Beal) I hope the Wizards trade back into the middle of the first (or luck up) and get another starting caliber player (Jeremy Lamb or John Jenkins). The point is, this could be a good team next year; if things are done well.

Monday, June 11, 2012

John Henson, Could He Fit with the Wizards

With the NBA draft coming up,I have begun my yearly exercise of getting to know the different prospects that the Wizards might be interested in drafting. My opinion is the Wizards should take either Beal or MKG with the third overall pick. That would address this teams biggest need at the shooting guard spot.

If the Wizards do go with Beal or MKG, I think they would be wise to invest in a big man that can rebound and pair well with Nene and Seraphin's game.

One of the biggest weaknesses on this team (other than needing shooters) is rebounding. As I made my way down the prospect list one prospect caught my eye. John Henson. I don't really hear much buzz around him, but I think his strengths fit this team and his weaknesses could also be hidden by this team.