Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time for a Reset

If you asked me before the season if I would be happy with a .500 Redskins team, I would have said yes. So as Skins are 3 - 3, I have to be ok with it. The thing is, injuries have crept up and this ship could sink real soon. In order to stop this, the team has to hit the reset button.

I know this isn't XBOX or whatever, but with so many new people on offense, it is a reset. Last week the offensive line, tight end, and quarterback reset. This week,the wide receivers and running back do the same thing. Santana Moss, the skins only reliable wide receiver for years is out for a month or more. Tim Hightower, who has been the teams workhorse, is out for the season.

As for the wide receiver position, expect Niles Paul and Leonard Hankerson to get plenty of opportunities. I know, I blamed that interception on Hankerson; but Beck takes the blame for that interception. Shanahan also made it a point to say  "Hankerson has been making some tremendous plays in practice". Hopefully, the messed up communication is behind them, so Beck and Hankerson can hook up for some big plays.

I am not as worried about the running back position. There will be a drop off in blitz protection, but Ryan has gotten better at that. We all know what Ryan "All" Torain can do, he showed us last year. With just him and Helu we are starting to get thin. Ryan has not been able to stay healthy, I am sure you remember last year.

So. it looks like it is time for the backup's and young guys to get their playing time. Only now, I am starting to think reaching .500 may be a pipe dream.

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