Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Like Cherry Blossoms, Skins Only Good for a Few Weeks

The story today is Cam Newton. Landry said that he was phenomenal and that he found all the holes in the Skins defense. Cam Newton was very good. He is mobile, runs with out fear. Even Mike Shanahan was impressed. "Most pros don't make the plays that this rookie did." 

The other big story is how beat up the Redskins have become. Tim Hightower looked great early in the game, but injured his knee and will be out for weeks if not the season. Santana Moss broke his hand will also be out for while himself. These Skins are beat up now with Moss, Cooley, Hightower, Fletcher, and guys on the O-line injured.

The question coming into today's game was about Beck. How would he do in his first start in years? Well, to me and to Shanahan, he looked good. He showed his athleticism, quick release, and poise in the pocket. Overall, he played well and they moved the ball better in the second half. But "losing Moss changed the game (for the skins)" said Shanahan.
The offensive line played well and Beck looked good. He threw for 279 yards, 1 touchdown and had 1 int. That interception was caused by Leonard Hankerson though, as he ran the wrong route. The offense looked better to me with Beck. Shanahan was asked who would be the starter next week. He only replied "Are you serious? Next Question." To me Beck is the starter and will have more chances to prove himself.

The receivers didn't help Beck today. Gaffney followed a dropped pass and then fumbled on the next play. Fred had a drop or two also. I have to look at the film later and see what else happened. But, with Moss going down someone will have to step up.

The defense wasn't all bad  today. Quite a few guys had a good number of tackles and we sacked Cam four times. At the end of the day though, the skins couldn't stop Cam Newton.  The defense gave up a lot of points today. "(We) need to regroup" Landry said, "Losing is the hardest part".

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