Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is the time of year that should be the most enjoyable to a DC sports fan. The Wizards should be playing about 3 or 4 nights a week. The Skins should be entertaining us on Sundays. The Caps should be winning. And the Hot stove should be heating up for the Nationals.

Instead, the NBA is at war with NBPA, The Skins have imploded very early in the season. The Caps are in a rough spot. But, at least the stove is heating up and the Nationals are ready for it.

I was born in 78 and I don't remember the fist few years of my life.  The Wizards have only made it out of the first round of the play-offs from then till now once. So my memory of the Wizards is losing. Even with that, I miss my team.

Right now I should be writing about how John Wall has looked so far this year. How our draft picks look or how Kevin Seraphin or Andray Blatche are doing. Instead, its silence. At least, that's what it is to me.

This is a bad time for this work stoppage. The Wizards are in the middle of a rebuild. These young guys need to play to get better and for management to make good decisions about their next steps.

There is still time for a season, I know, but unless a deal is made soon, this could get ugly.

The Skins on the other hand are playing. But they have been a huge disappointment.  The defense is better but not good enough. The offense needs major help. They are rebuilding like the Wizards, but they have not done much to regain the trust and respect of their fans.

This team seems to have been run by fools since the early 90's. How else do you explain them ignoring their offensive and defensive lines in the draft for so long. Well them ignoring the draft for so long is even worse.

I remember the greatness. I remember the neighbors shooting fireworks when Doug Williams led the Skins to Super Bowl victory. I remember being 14 - 2 on the way go winning another one. I just can't accept this recent version of the team.

I have no doubt that the Caps recent struggles will be behind them soon and that the Nationals will be big players next month at the winter meetings. I only wish I could have the Skins at least look decent and to watch the your Wizards grow into a contender in a few years.

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