Friday, November 18, 2011

For Skins Fan's, Time to Familiarize with QB Prospects in Draft

Could Baylor QB Robert Griffin III be the Skins next signal caller?

If you have been following the Redskins, you know their offense needs a major overhall. This team is in need of more help on the O-line, more wide receivers, and even another running back or two. All of that takes a back seat though, as quarterback has to be a top priority.

One of the best ways to get a quarterback is to get a high pick in the right year. The skins have been doing their best to compete for a high pick and this just might be a good year for QB's. There are a few names on top of every list and there is one name always on top of those list.

Andrew Luck: 6'4", 235 lbs, Junior, Stanford Cardinals

Luck is the name that is on top of every list.  Jim Harbaugh, who coached Luck at Stanford before becoming 49'ers coach, said "Andrew is as good a competitor as you will ever see." Very high praise.

"PROS: Good arm strength, extremely durable, quick release, has ideal size at 6 foot 4 235 pounds, plays in a pro style offense, precise mechanics when executing short/medium passing game, intelligence, character, pinpoint accuracy, clutch quarterback, pocket passer, scrambles well, can scramble when necessary, throws on the run well, winner, excellent at multitasking examples of this include a play where he tackled a USC player off a fumble and a reception he made against UCLA, extremely unselfish, does whats in the teams best interest, can make any progression using a 1 step, 3 step, or 5 step drop.  Luck can drop back to fire a 7 step drop, can play in any NFL offensive scheme, potential, franchise player

CONS: Deep Passing Game Mechanics
Player Comparison: Tom Brady with John Elway’s scrambling ability."
NFL Mocks

Luck is a special player. If the Skins were to get him, their luck would be as good as other DC teams. The Nationals have Harper and Strasburg; the Capitals have Ovechkin; and the Wizards have John Wall. Luck and his 70% completion percentage, most likely won't be available when the Skins pick. Three other names that jump out to me are Jones, Barkley, and Griffin..

Landry Jones: 6'4", 229 lbs, Junior, Oklahoma Sooners
"PROS: Accurate quarterback…good athlete…can spread the ball around really well…gamer….solid athlete…poised…not easily rattled…good deep accuracy…good footwork in the pocket….completion percentage has consistently improved…very productive
CONS: Plays on dominant team…doesn’t have overly strong arm, but can still make all the throws….slightly disadvantaged because of OU’s offense (fast paced shot-gun offense..hard to get a good feel for how well he goes through progressions)…throws a few too many INT (not a lot though)…looked very fidgety especially in the pocket vs FSU in 2011…has struggled with pressure in his face
Comparison: Sam Bradford"
   NFL Mocks

Matt Barkley: 6'2", 220 lbs Junior, USC Trojans

"PROS: Will come in and be a leader of an NFL locker room, great personality, strong arm, improved accuracy, good athlete, former top HS prospect, hard worker, three-year starter at one of the country’s most prestigious football universities, Pac 10 academic All Conference honorable mention, runs a pro-style offense at USC. Strong arm, plays in a pro style offense. Good feel in the pocket. Durable, has yet to miss a start. Plus at reading coverages, will continue to improve going through his progressions. Has excellent ball placement…has some wheels…good size…can throw the ball on the run

CONS: Slightly shorter than guys like Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, etc., but that shouldn’t affect him at all, case of Jay Cutler syndrome first two years adjusting to college game, numbers haven’t blown anyone away until 2011. Is he clutch? He hasn’t been  able to win some big games in the fourth quarter, holds onto the ball a little long.  Inconsistent accuracy "
Player Comparison: Drew Brees
NFL Mocks
Robert Griffin III: 6'2", 220 lbs, Junior, Baylor Bears

"PROS: Good arm, proved he could recover from injury in 2009 after getting injured as a sophomore, can play in a pro style offense, dual threat quarterback, good accuracy, good zip, high football IQ, 4.0 GPA, finished 7th among seniors at Baylor in graduation class, ran track, has deadly speed, got Baylor off to a 7-2 start last season, consistency, high character, executed a 4th quarter comeback against TCU on opening day of junior redshirt campaign, can play in any NFL offensive scheme, potential.
CONS: Slightly undersized, some scouts are skeptical believing Griffin’s skill set as a dual threat quarterback will not translate to the NFL level, lost 4 games in a row to finish the year after Baylor’s 7-2 start including Texas Bowl VS Illinois, may need to sit behind veteran quarterback for a year or two, has yet to win a late season game.
Player Comparison: Michael Vick with better accuracy, higher character, and more mental discipline. "
 NFL Mocks

It is still too early to decide who would be the best choice for the Redskins. After Bowl games and the scouting combine things will be clearer. One thing is sure. The Redskins should have quarterback at the top of their priority list.

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