Monday, November 7, 2011

Reputation's Ridin'

There ain't a lot of smiling going on right now.

 I'm sure Mike Shanahan's fans had an "EMMITT, NOOOO!!!!" moment when Mike Shanahan proclaimed that he would put his reputation at stake in his support for Rex Grossman AND John Beck as quality NFL starting QB's. Where's a Delorean when you need one, Mike?

Four straight losses after a 3-1 start has this team in pure frustration. Everyone's asking why and the finger consistently points to Mike Shanahan. In his first year, he traded for John Beck and Donovan McNabb. Weeks before being benched, McNabb was paid a few extra million to ride the bench.

I understand the available quarterback options were less than ideal during the offseason. So, they chose not to draft a QB or sign a free agent. It's a risky move, but somewhat justified in an attempt to tool a 3-4 defense which we HAD to have. Here is the reward - an anemic offense and a decent defense and a head coach with a tainted reputation talking rebuild.

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