Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jan Vesely Wizards Rookie

It has been a long time since I actually thought about the Wizards. With the lockout, I couldn't even get too excited about their draft. Now that the lockout is over, I am getting very excited to see this team.  There are several guys I am interested in seeing. Here I am going to preview the Jan Vesely.

Jan Vesely

Height 6'11"
Weight 240
Age 21
Position SF/PF

Before I get into specifics, lets look at why Vesely has so much buzz about him.

I sure wish Verizon Center fans could be half as into the games as those fans are.

"Strengths: Possesses a terrific combination of size and length for the SF position ... Offensively, he improved his low post game and is looking to post up more this year; he can post up smaller defenders and uses his height advantage to score over defenders; has a height/length advantage on almost every player in Europe ... Jan has good motor and excellent ability to run the floor (most of his points are off of dunks, put-backs and points in transition) ... Good hands around the basket ... Facing up to the basket, he is able to get to the rim quickly due to his quickness and good first step. Very explosive off the floor when attacking the bucket and finishes strong ... As a shooter he improved since last year and feels more confident taking shots outside the 3pt line and creating off the dribble; his mechanics and follow-through look fluid; good elevation on his shot ... If he catches the ball and his feet are set and pointed towards the basket he usually will knock down shots ... Defensively he is good, thanks to his length and can guard multiple positions ... His lateral quickness is impressive for his size and he does a solid job at moving his feet (good P&R defender and closes well on the perimeter staying in front of guards) ... Plays with lot of emotion ... A competitive player that hustles for loose balls and brings energy on the court ...

Weaknesses: Vesely needs to continue improving his offensive skills. He's still a work in progress as a player as his athleticism and "wow plays" exceed his effectiveness and consistency ... He has had a decent season but more was expected from him coming into the year ... He is limited to one or two dribbles when creating off the dribble and needs to improve his 1-on-1 game and ball-handling skills ... Has to become more efficient/consistent shooter overall (50% FG, 46% FT, 46.3% 3FG in Euroleague and 74.1 % FG, 51% FT, 31.8% 3FG in NLB League) ... Hasn't added any weight since last year and will have to get stronger in order to compete in the NBA; still has trouble finishing plays under pressure ... Has strength and athleticism but not productive enough as a rebounder (4.4 rpg in NLB League and only 2.9 rpg in Euroleague) ... Could run into some problems fitting into an NBA position as his length slows him some on the perimeter in the half court set and he lacks the strength and toughness to play in the paint right now ..."

Stevan Petrovic

Here is another one where Utah Jazz play by play announcer David Locke breaks down his skills.

Jan Vesely was a great pickup for the Wizards. The team had no young SF guys on their roster and by many accounts they get the best one in this draft. This guy isn't a can't miss prospect, but he has a lot to be excited about.

What I like best about him is his athleticism and energy. Imagine Wall, Booker, McGee, and Vesely in a fast break. This team could be dangerous.

But this is a high risk, high reward player. If he adjust well to the NBA and is in the right system, he could blossom. I think he will. If he has been working on making his shot more consistent, he could be a huge addition to the Wizards.

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