Friday, December 30, 2011

The Awkard Times

Awkward. If I had to pick one word to describe the Wizards, that would be it. Clearly, there is talent on this team, plenty of potential. The problem is they are awkward. By awkward I mean like a teen going though body changes and the like. For many those are some of the most challenging of their life. Watching this team is one the the most challenging non work things I have to do.

John Wall is the most important player on the Wizards. It is clear that he is awkwardly trying to understand and master his role. As the Face of the Franchise, Wall has the weight of the world on his shoulders. It is too early to really get anything from stats, but it obvious when watching.

Jordan Crawford is under pressure to preform, so he presses harder and harder. The problem though, is he needs to slow down and let the offense work. He isn't the only offender in that regard though. Like Flip says, "Hero Ball" is contagious.

I am of the thought that some changes need to be made so that growth can continue. Here, I will make a few suggestions.

First things first, Nick Young needs to start.He has clearly outplayed Crawford. I like Jordan, don't get me wrong. I feel Nick is a better fit right now. Nick is an offensive weapon on a team lacking offense. I know they are working to get him in game shape, but a good start to a game will really help this team. Not to mention the fact that both have the same amount of minutes after two games. Crawford should still get plenty of minutes though, his game will come around and easing the pressure off him might help.

Next, I am suggesting the Wizards start Chris Singleton. I like everything about how he plays. He is as good as advertised defensively and has a nice shot. His game still needs development, but with a rebuilding team, he should be a priority. The more he plays, the better he will be.

The other issue or player that needs to be addressed is Blatche. I have been a fan of his for years and have enjoyed watching him grow. He has the potential to be really good. I am questioning if he can reach his potential here. I would  like Booker and Seraphin to get more of his minutes. Turiaf should be starting there till either Booker or Seraphin earn the starting role. I feel Booker and Seraphin should have many more minutes as respectively they have 7.5 and 3 minutes.

Those are the changes I suggest. Other pieces like McGee should be allowed to continue to grow. To me Blatche appears to be growing away from the rest of the team. It is hard to see how he can fit in. With his history, attitude, and sensitivity, he may need a new home.The rest of the pieces need to continue to grow together.

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