Friday, May 24, 2013

Otto Porter NBA Draft Prospect

This is a series on NBA Draft Prospects that the Washington Wizards might be interested in. This will be a very important off season for the Wizards as next year heads will roll if the team doesn't meet expectations. Victor Oladio, Jamelle Hagins, and Anthony Bennett. Up next is every ones favorite Georgetown SF Otto Porter.

Position: SF
Height: 6'9
Weight: 198
School: Georgetown
Age: 20 (6/3/93)
Year: Sophomore

There is a lot to like about Otto, and quite a bit that can be worrisome also. I like his size and length. He has a 7'1.5" wingspan, wish he uses to grab rebounds, steal passes and harass shooters. He uses his length to his advantage, but will need to improve on his very average lateral quickness and strength to be a true lock down defender. He can still be a play maker on defense in the meantime though. 

He has a great Basketball IQ. Known for making the right pass at the right time and having good off ball movement. He isn't an offensive dynamo that can create a lot of offense, but he knows what he can do and doesn't try to do things he shouldn't. What he is good at though is at being a good spot up shooter. He work hard on that obviously  since his freshman season. He shot is more reliable and he has a much quicker release. 

What I really like about this young man is that he is high motor. He makes plays that make winning easier. hustles for loose balls, grabs rebounds, and disrupts the oppositions offense. 

I really think Porter would be a good fit with the current team. Together with Wall and Beal, their chemistry could be something to see. There are weaknesses to his package but i think they can be improved. He is still very young a has a lot of room to grow his game, even though he is already polished.

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