Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Wizards are Definately on the Rise

Now that the NBA Lottery has happened, the Wizards know where they will be picking. They were slated to pick  8th overall, but this time a monumental sports team was not screwed by the draft. The Wizards will now pick 3rd and the speculation has already begun as to what to do now.

There are a few different players they could target.They have to look at Noel, because anything can happen in a wide open draft. Otto Porter is the most logical guy in my opinion. Other guys to look at are Victor Oladipo, Anthony Bennett, Alex Len, Shabazz Muhammad, and maybe even Ben McLemore. I have already done a draft  preview of some of those guys but now I can zero in on more guys on this list.

This is great news for the Wizards as they now have more options to improve their team. In addition to the high pick the Wizards have  two second round picks, a couple of expiring contracts, a trade exemption, and  some redundant young players  as assets. I am not advocating that they trade their draft pick though. I would prefer they keep their top pick and then combine some combination of the second rounders, expiring contracts, and other players to get another impact player.

At this point, I am leaning toward Otto Porter. Len scares me due to his ankle injury. Big men and leg injuries scare me. I like Noel also but i am scared of his injury also but not as much as Len's. Anthony Bennett intrigues me, but he want to be a three and doesn't play defense as well as he could. Porter is a stud on defense and I think he could combine quite well with Wall and Beal.

The off season is just starting, if things go well the Wizards could be in line to make some great additions to their team. If things go well (Nene gets healthy, Beal and Wall improve without hurting themselves, and the right additions are added) the playoffs won't be the goal. Competing for a championship can be the goal. Yeah I am dreaming big.

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