Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Victor Oladipo NBA Draft Prospect 2013

This is a series on NBA Draft Prospects that the Washington Wizards might be interested in. This will be a very important off season for the Wizards as next year heads will roll if the team doesn't meet expectations. The first prospect to examine is Victor Oladipo.

Position: SG/SF
Height: 6'5
Weight: 210
School: Indiana
Age: 20 (5/4/1992)
Year: Junior

The first thing you are thinking is, "You only want this guy because he is from Upper Marlboro and went to DeMatha". Everyone knows I like hometown guys. That is not the reason I chose to make him the first prospect in my series. While it didn't hurt. I chose him because today he announced that he will be entering the NBA 2013 Draft.

Take a look at his stats for his career. I am not sure what happened during his sophomore year but he really rose his stock this year. Terry Hutchins quoted a scout in an article earlier today.

"He's ready for the NBA right now," a scout said. "I think he can help teams because he has a motor. He can defend, and his offense has gotten drastically better, He plays bigger than his size."
"...His style of play is better suited for the NBA because of the way the game is officiated with limited touching. His speed gives him the clear advantage."
I am going to start first with the things I like about him. Victor is very athletic and and he loves to run the floor. That would play right into how the Wizards like to play. John Wall loves to run the break. A large part of his offense comes in transition since he runs the floor so well and also fills the lane correctly on the break.

He is very efficient because is is very hard to keep him out of the paint. He doesn't need to dominate the ball in order to drive to the hoop, If he gets the ball in the right spot he just takes off past his defender. We have seen how difficult the Wizards can be to defend with Wall and Beal. The dimension he add could be like the missing link.

His defense is what I like about him the most. The Wizards are better because they have been good on the defensive side of the ball. For them to succeed, that must not change. Anyone that comes in must contribute to that good defense. Oladipo is a difference maker on defense. He can guard multiple positions, and comes away with a lot of steals. He plays with intensity and has a non stop motor. He uses his athleticism on defense and is a disruptive force.

He also rebounds the ball well for his position. That is a stat that translates well into the NBA. With him and Beal helping rebound, if our big men do their part the Wizards can be a top defensive and rebounding team.

His offense has improved this year. He is good at catch and shoot and has improved from the 3. If he can get his 3 to stay consistent. The other parts of his offensive game  should do him and his team just well.

He has to have some weaknesses, I don't want to gloss them over. He is not good at handling the ball, he can't create his own offense, and no one knows if his improved shooting will hold up. That is it. For me those are things I can live with if he runs the floor well, finishes well, and plays defense as advertised.  If he can play the SF spot his ball handling won't be as important. He also should have to isolate much with how this team is constructed.

Overall I like this guy as a prospect. I am not saying we should get rid of Martell Webster (please no), but I think someone that can be a difference maker has to be a prospect to look out for.While it is still early in this series, If this guy is available when the Wizards pick, he has to be considered.

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