Friday, January 18, 2013

Can the Wizards Turn the Corner?

The Wizards have turned a corner, but I believe they are about to turn another corner soon. They turned the first corner right before Wall returned. It helped that they started to get healthy for the first time. Now that the team is mostly healthy. There are a few things they must to to turn the other corner and start playing to their potential.

The main thing this team needs to improve on, is closing out quarters. When the pressure intensifies, they get frantic and don't play their game anymore. It has been obvious that in their biggest problem right now.

When the game is on the line, they need to stay calm, read the situation, and then execute. It sounds simple, but it is important to remember that these guys are just starting to come together and jell. I expect this to get better soon.

The next thing to focus on is defense. Down the stretch, it should be “No Layups Allowed”. Make the opposition earn their points the hard way. Send them to the line and make them make free throws. Someone needs to step up down the stretch in that role. I think it will be Booker or Singleton, or at least that would make sense.

It is almost too late to make the playoffs, but I want the wizards to make it interesting. It is important to change their perception around the league either way. A trip to the playoffs would be great. But long term, a shot at another lottery pick could be nice. For now, if these guys can turn the corner, The league had better look out.

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