Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Beginning

That's right. The sun is finally about to rise. For the Washington Wizards, the return of John Wall is important for many different reasons. Most importantly a team can't evaluate itself correctly with out it's centerpiece. That for another conversation. Today I am focused on the fans.

For the fans, John Wall's return is like a man in the desert coming up on a spring of water. It feels long overdue. I am going to be watching tonight's game very closely. Not only for Wall, but for what this team looks like together (I hope Crawford will be able to play). It will take a few games for things to get rolling, but this is "A New Beginning" as Wall correctly labeled it.

I know quite a few fans don't think Wall good enough, or hasn't improved enough. Well now it is time to find out. I am expecting to see many opinions on him change. Van Gundy, Barkley soon they will be singing a different tune. DC is a sports hub. For the Wizards, this is a welcome new beginning.

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