Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Journey to Win Number One

Tonight is the night. Yes, it is a bold prediction. But I am afforded the right at bold predictions. As a part time blogger, I can pick my spots. I can stake my reputation on my hunches and not lose my job.

Tonight is the night, Why because they need it. Because the Wiz have beat the Bobcats the last five times. "Execution is the most important thing down the stretch" Martel Webster said. Webster has really tried to assume a leadership role on this team.

This team has come close but tonight is the night I do my first post game reaction.

Wizards @ Bobcats, November 13, 2012...

Yes I predicted that over a week ago, but I think tonight really is the night. A new starting lineup with Livingston, Crawford, Beal, Vesely, and Seraphin. Also, Nene will play. I will update with thoughts from the game later.

Wizards @ Hawks, November 21, 2012

First Quarter
  • No Trevor Booker for this game, I guess Nene will take some of his minutes.
  • The team is struggling in the first quarter. They started out strong but are in a drought. Lets see how the timeout helps.
  • It is 17 - 9 the wizards cant score. Need to play inside out.
  • 2:54 in the first. Wizards making a run. Seraphin has hit a couple of shots. 21 -15 Hawks up.
  • 2:23 Nene  comes in 23 -15.
  • Nene has had a huge impact already. At the end of the first it is 26 - 24. He effects offense and Defense.
Second Quarter
  • 8:10 Wizards take a lead but it is tied up a few seconds later 32 - 32. Time out
  • Vesely with 3 fouls 7:32 let in second. Touchy call. Refs hate the Wizards.
  • 37 -32 Wizards  on a run. That never happens. 6:30
  • Beal is a good rebounder.
  • 4:24 Nene, Crawford, and Seraphin come in  Wiz up 39-38. 
  • 2:13 43 -42 Wiz up. both teams playing sloppy. These next two minutes will be huge.
  • At the half it is 50 - 47. Hawks up. 
  • This is still a game either team can win. The Wiz have not had their usual drought. If they can avoid that in the second half, the Wizards can win this one.
Third Quarter
  • Beal had 4 fouls early in the third. Here comes a drought 10:30 52 - 49.
  • Vesely with 4 fouls also.
  • 6:51 Atlanta up 58 - 53.  atlanta is starting to heat up. Wizards need to answer now.  
  • 66 - 55 4:35 This is what I was afraid of. Wiz need to cut this lead before the fourth quarter.
  • Long threes won't help this team, here comes Nene 4:11.
  • 3:33 Ariza goes hard to hoop and is fouled. 66:58 Wiz down.
  • 66 - 61 3:09 Wiz only down by 5. 6 - 0 run.
  • 2:42 proof refs hate Wiz.
  • 1:40 66 - 64 Playing good defense.
  • End of three 68 - 66. Wiz down, they did eliminate a deficit to keep it close. Maybe someone steps up as the fourth quarter go to scorer. My guess is Seraphin.
Fourth Quarter
  • 72 - 66 Kyle Korver is killing the Wiz.
  • 73- 72 10:05 wiz have a lead again. Of coarse Nene is in.
  • 76- 73 and like that Hawks have the lead back. 9:00 
  • Seraphin is coming up big here. 7:30  in fourth.
  • 79- 78 6:46 Atl at the line.  Tied up this is where the Wiz usually fall asleep. 
  • 81 - 81 5:56  Atl just stepped up their defense. wiz looking sloppy. Time out.
  • Beal with 5 fouls. That hurts. He has been in foul trouble all night it seems.
  • 4:53 Singletin hits a 3 pointer!!! 
  • 4:00 Wiz are fighting and still in this game. Nene is about to come in, 
  • 3:53 87 - 86  Wiz up. 
  • 2:56 both teams struggling.  Wiz need to capitalize.
  • 2:03 87 -86 Wiz up. These two minutes are what it comes down to.
  •  1:28 Nene draws a fouls. his presence is felt.
  •  89 - 88 11.4 seconds to go Wiz up. and have ball
  • Nene fouled he goes to ball. 10.3 seconds. 
  • 90 - 88 Wiz up. Nene is a beast, but only hits one of his FT. 9.6 seconds to go.
  • 5.4 seconds to go Hawks to inbound, Harris draws foul he has to hit both to tie, 3.7 seconds to go.
  • He hits both and now Wiz need to score in 3.7 seconds or go to ot.
  • Overtime. 90 - 90
  • Hawks win tip but miss shot and Wiz get rebound. Seraphin misses a dunk  then Aatl scores first 4:00 to go. 92- 90.
  • AJ Price answers and hits and and one. 93 92 Wiz up.
  •  Wiz have hit two shots in a row.  but atl answers 2:45 95 -95 Wiz up.
  • Ariza hit a three 98 - 84 wiz up!
  • Who says Seraphin can't rebound.
  • 1:47 to go. Wiz up. 98 - 94. Wiz need to take this game here. 
  • Webster with a huge rebound 1:33 Josh Smith fouled out.
  • 1:05 Horford to the line wiz up 98 - 94. He misses both but the get rebound and score.
  • 31.3 seconds to go 98 - 96  Seraphin getting reamed by Saunders
  • Hawks have the ball. but miss both FT's. Hawks get possession again.
  •  Wiz need to get a stop here, but don't get it. Tied up 98 all 19.5 seconds to go in OT 1
  • Seraphin hits a shot but Korver hits a 3 to answer with 1.9 seconds to go. Damn.
  • Atl up by 1. Webster hit a game winner. he got it off. Wiz win! No I am wrong. Still winnless.

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