Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Journey to Win Number One (cont...)

OK, we are 0 - 10. The Bobcats are a better team than the Wizards. It appears as though the the Wizards are slated to get a lot of lottery balls only to get the worst possible pick again. Maybe they win it in a year there is no star player. Who knows. This team really needs John Wall to return.

One player I expect to show up tonight is Bradley Beal. He will be match up with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. These two may be rivals already and this may further that. It is the same starting lineup as the last game. Livingston, Crawford, Beal, Vesely, and Seraphin.

Wizards vs Bobcats Sat November 24, 2012.

First Quarter

  • Kidd Gilchrist picks up two quick fouls. That could be big. I like the Wizards going to the basket.
  • Nice alley oop to Vesely. Wizards need to play uptempo.
  • Beal needs to keep taking those shots, he needs to make them though.
  • 3:08  Nene comes in Bobcats 21 Washington 12.
  • I am sick of all these jump shots. These guys need to be aggressive and go to the basket.
  • I like the Way Webster is playing right now. Just drew another foul 31.3 left in first.
  • Nice steal and assist by Nene to Okafor. Felt bad for Diop there.
  • Webster has 7 points and it is 25-24 cats up, for now.
Second Quarter
  • I know Nene is having a huge impact on the team but I hope he isn't over doing it.
  • Taylor and Kidd-Gilchrist are the two Bobcats killing us most from my vantage point.
  • 7:30 Beal back in  32-3 cats
  • 6:35 Big 3 pointer by Beal, hope he gets hot!
  • Seraphin and Okafor are looking very good together.
  • 4:20 it is all tied up at 41. Still  need to get the offence going.
  • Add Ben Gordon to that list.
  • 51-50 Wiz up at the half
Third Quarter
  • 9:26 59-53 cats up these are the skids that kill the team.
  • I don't know what the Wiz did at the half, but it didn't work 64-53 8:07 cats up.
  • 4:49 64 - 59 Wiz not out of bit but they are playing terribly. Both teams are not very good, right now. This is a tough game to watch.
  • Singleton is giving me something to watch. Nice and1.
  • One minute to go and the crowd is waking up. 72-7- cats up.
  • Singleton is going after boards and being aggressive, drew another foul.
  • If not for those long droughts, the Wiz would be much better off. 
  • Very good rebounding in the end of the third. it is all tied at 72.
Fourth Quarter
  • 5:33 85-80 cats up. Wiz started quarter off slow as well. i just hope that can finish strong.
  • 34.8 seconds to go Wiz down by one but they have the ball.
  • 17 seconds to go Kidd-Gilchrist just fouled out.
  • Webster at the line he neeeds to hit both, he doesn't but Singleton get rebound. OT.
  • Nene slams strong to start OT. Nice way to start thing out.
  • Nice block by beal at 3:00 then Nene slams it it on other end. Bobcats take a timeout. 2:35 Wiz up by 2.
  • Good rebounding here. We need to make a shot though.
  • Ben Gordon hit a three to give Bobcats a 1 point lead ith a minuter to go. 
  • Nene is laboring.
  • Taylor travels and Wiz get ball back.
  • Wiz can't get a win 0-11 here we come.
  • 1.3 seconds to go and there is still a chance. 99-97 need a score here.
  • Singleton fouled taking a 3. Taylor fouled out. gotta make these.
  • Made the first one!
  • Missed the second.
  • Gotta make this to tie and go to double ot.
  • Made it double OT here we come.
Second Overtime!
  • Ben Gordon fouled out and gets a tech. Singleton makes the free throw.
  • 4:20 Wiz are the first to 100 points, hope it means they get the win.
  • 3:36 Wizards needed that rebound, but they get the next one. Gotta score here, please.
  • 2:50 Nene hit a big bucket.
  • 2:30 Beal with a huge rebound. gotta score again.
  • 1:47 102-101 Wiz up. Need to get a score here and the follow that up with a stop. 
  • 1:27 singleton hits one of his freethrows and then Reggie Williams hit a three. 
  • Cats up by one with the ball. 55.3 seconds to go in the game.
  • 38.9 seconds Beal with a huge rebound. Wiz down 1.
  • Wow! Broken play. 24 second shot clock violation. 15.2 seconds to go and still down 1. Cats ball.
  • Wiz suck at getting missed free throw rebounds. down by 4 12.1 seconds to go. 
  • Wiz appear headed to 0-82.
  • 107-106 1.6 seconds to go. Bobcats ball.
  • 108-106  Wizards can't win again. this is tough.

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