Monday, July 1, 2013

The Beginning of a Long Off-Season

I am totally thrilled with what the Wizards did in the draft. In selecting Otto Porter and Glen Rice Jr, they have gotten their off season off to a great start. I don't put too much stock in Draft Grades, but the Wizards got good grades on their draft.

Free agency is beginning. The team, in my opinion, has a few needs they need to address. They need a back up point guard, a power forward (a stretch 4 is what the buzz is about), and to resign Martel Webster.

Webster is in DC and it looks like he may be getting a deal in the next few days. This is good news because he is such a big part of the locker room and he is a good spot up shooter. He fits on this team. His maturity early on in the year helped the team keep their heads up during the terrible start. There are some that think Martel isn't needed anymore. I do not agree at all. By the end of the season he could be one of the best 6th men in the league.

I am not sure how the PG and back up big man situations will pan out. Many rumors are out there. Antawn Jamison, Chris Copeland, Darren Collison, Eric Maynor and others have been rumored to be sought after by the team. I don't know who would be the best fits, But I am happy the team is actively trying to find the right people to fit into the team. I have started to gain confidence in the front office. So I have to let them follow though with their process and see what happens.

What I am most looking forward to though, it the Summer League. From July 12 - 22 (If they last to the championship) We will get a look at Tomas Satoranski, Glen Rice JR, Otto Porter, and hopefully Vesely. I will be watching closely to see how these guys look. The quest continues, I think wasington is finally on the right track.

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