Monday, June 11, 2012

John Henson, Could He Fit with the Wizards

With the NBA draft coming up,I have begun my yearly exercise of getting to know the different prospects that the Wizards might be interested in drafting. My opinion is the Wizards should take either Beal or MKG with the third overall pick. That would address this teams biggest need at the shooting guard spot.

If the Wizards do go with Beal or MKG, I think they would be wise to invest in a big man that can rebound and pair well with Nene and Seraphin's game.

One of the biggest weaknesses on this team (other than needing shooters) is rebounding. As I made my way down the prospect list one prospect caught my eye. John Henson. I don't really hear much buzz around him, but I think his strengths fit this team and his weaknesses could also be hidden by this team.
The thing about Henson is his length. He is 6'11 220 pounds. He has a 7'5" wingspan and a standing reach of 9'3.5". Those are impressive numbers. He gained this length mostly in one year. He grew 6 inches in between his Junior and Senior year in High School.

Henson uses his length well, especially on the offensive glass. He is a good rebounder, I think the kind of rebounder that can change a team. I nice rebound and put-back can erase a broken possession and frustrate a defense. His rebounding can help the team by creating either easy put-back points or creating fast break opportunities for the offense. The offense would really benefit if the Wiz get a guy like Beal at 3.

Henson is also a gifted shot blocker. This is another area he would compliment our other bigs. Since McGee is gone, this team could really use a guy with this ability. He is also is great in pick and roll situations. He is great at defending pick and rolls, and he could carve out a nice niche on offense using pick and rolls and cuts to the basket.

Offensively he doesn't have a jump shot or a free throw shot. But he does have a very good assortment of post up moves and face up moves that he uses very well in the post. He also has a very nice left handed hook shot, even though he is a righty.

The biggest knock on Henson is his size. at 6'11 220 he is thin. He says he is stronger than he looks, but he does know this is his biggest flaw and is putting good weight on. He has gained weight each year in college and plans to continue until he get to where he needs to be. As it stands now, he may not be strong enough for the NBA game.

The reason he is so thin is his growth spurt. It was great for him, because he has a chance to be a really good player. Not so great because it left him skinny. because of this he is also able to cover guards on the perimeter. His perimeter defense is also one of his strength. This Wizards team is built on defense and fast breaks. To me, if the can get a pick in the right area, he would be a perfect fit for my Wizards.

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